Bernhard Pflugfelder

NLP Lead and Data Science Advisor, BMW AG

Bernhard Pflugfelder has 10+ experience in the in the fields of information retrieval and natural language processing and worked across various businesses. He is working over 5 years in Automotive and is currently leading a NLP initiative within the BMW Group. One focus of that NLP initiative is conversational AI in order to facilitate business processes across the BMW value chain and to create a novel user experience for customers, dealers and employees.

The NLP Lab – part of the BMW Group IT - is an innovative and international team with the mission to transform the experiences of BMW Group customers’, dealers’ and employees’ by integrating cutting-edge NLP technologies into BMW’s business processes. May it be creating a chatbot for a support hotline, implementing a machine translator of automotive texts, running a sentiment analysis over millions of customer reviews or analyzing legal documents and contracts, BMW’s NLP lab will always find an innovative and scalable solution.

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