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Ty Dunn

Product Manager, RASA

Ty Dunn is a product manager at Berlin-based startup Rasa, where he focuses on empowering developers to build the best possible conversational experiences and deploy them to production. Previously, Ty was a software engineer, most recently on a research team at another conversational AI startup. He’s interested in using this technology to improve how we process and respond to the increasing amount of information and complexity we face every day. Ty holds a B.S. in cognitive science with a focus in computation from the University of Michigan.


At Rasa, they are building the standard infrastructure for conversational AI. With over half a million downloads since launch, their open source tools are loved by developers worldwide, and Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s. Their friendly community is growing fast, with developers from all over the world learning from each other and working together to make text- and voice-based AI assistants better. To date, they’ve had more than 300 people contribute to Rasa Stack. Their core team is a tight-knit, fast-moving team of researchers, engineers, designers and product people, with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing and rapid product design.

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