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Adam Radziszewski

NLP Researcher, Infermedica

Adam is a Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and open source enthusiast. He has a PhD in syntactic processing of Polish language and both academic experience — leading a research team responsible for development of parsers and taggers — as well as a track record in the industry, including big data engineering at Opera Software. He is currently leading the development of Clinical NLP services and diagnostic chatbots at Infermedica.


Infermedica is a health AI company that improves the diagnostic process using the most advanced reasoning technology for preliminary medical diagnosis. Our goal is to increase healthcare accessibility, minimize the rate of misdiagnosis and streamline costs of providing quality care. Our products have been used by over 3 million users worldwide and our technology is offered as white-label solution to health insurance companies and health systems. Some of the key customers include Allianz Partners, Dovera, Medicover and HealthLoop.

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