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Alexander Wijninga

CEO, Watermelon

My name is Alexander, I am the CEO of Watermelon. The leading chatbot supplier in the BeNeLux. I am also the owner of the chatbot4u platform, which used to be big in the whole world. With over 60K chatbots we have loads of experience.


At Watermelon, revolutionizing customer service isn't just a goal—it's a reality. Through the power of GPT-4, they're elevating communication to new heights, ensuring every conversation feels genuine and intuitive. Tailored for enterprises that value both efficiency and user experience, Watermelon's all-in-one platform streamlines customer interactions with a splash of innovation.

Their breakthrough chatbot, Pulse, offers more than just automated replies. It brings conversations to life, showing their dedication to real, human-like chats. Got a support question? They've got it covered 96% of the time, blending AI accuracy with a human touch when needed. Dive into the future of customer communication, experience Watermelon.

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