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Anna-Katharina Rausch

NLP and ML Consulting, BIG PICTURE

As a former Senior BE Engineer, I led several projects and teams. I used to build Chatbots for one of the first and most innovative companies for voice in Europe, that is Alexa Dev Partner and I did this in cooperation with a Google Expert Dev for Assistant (one of 40 worldwide), which enabled me to always have the latest technological insights. I wrote scientific work about Best Practices and Design Patterns for Voice User Interfaces and I do a lot of knowledge transfer and workshops on the topic to enable people to build good bots and to prevent them to fall for marketing magicians.


My company is promoting especially women in the field, so I was lucky to lead a team of just female programmers. Right now I am giving a lot of talks and workshops to clearify certain misunderstandings in this emerging branch, which is abused by companies, that want to make use of the AI hype. NLP is a complicated topic, language is the hardest part for artificial intelligence. We try to make everyone, also non-technicians to understand the techniques, chances and risks.

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