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Ariel Yosefi

Co-Head Technology & Regulation, HFN

Ariel heads the Technology & Regulation department at Herzog (HFN). He advises startups, multi-national companies, app and software developers, internet vendors and operators, on all applicable technological, regulatory and compliance considerations. These include: privacy and data protection, cybersecurity, computer and software protection, content and advertising regulations, digital transformation, mobile and other app marketplaces compliance. Main industries: adtech and online advertising, e-marketing, quality media and traffic; AI conversational technologies; content, social networks and User Generated Content platforms; app monetization; Health & Lifestyle Technologies; Financial Technology; Cybersecurity; and e-Commerce. Ariel has thorough knowledge and diverse experience with the increasing volume of regulations, enforcement actions and legislative trends in a myriad of jurisdictions; with heavily "regulated" platforms such as mobile marketplaces, browsers and other platforms; as well as with the industry's best practices and leading self-regulatory guidelines.


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