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Benj Pettit, PhD

Head of Data Science, Cleo

Benj oversees how Cleo uses machine learning to make the product more intelligent and understand users’ financial situations, with a current focus on the chatbot. He has nine years of experience in data science & machine learning, from social media intelligence startups to building recommender systems for a major academic publisher. Prior to industry he did a PhD at Oxford.


Cleo is a chat-first money app offering instantaneous financial coaching with a focus on Gen Z. We have been building in the AI assistant space for 6 years, and are continuing to redefine conversational AI in finance. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies like GPT4, Cleo aims to offer human-like conversational depth, assisting users with spending insights, budgeting, salary advances, and credit score. With an 85% surge in unique interactions over the past year, Cleo's innovative approach, marked by its humorous and engaging tone, has not only democratized financial coaching but also achieved remarkable business growth.

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