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Dr. Rahmyn Kress

Chief Digital Officer, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Rahmyn Kress is the Chief Digital Officer and Chairman of the Digital Executive Committee at Henkel and founder of Henkelˣ, a platform to accelerate Henkel’s entrepreneurial and digital transformation. He holds an MBA and PhD in behavioural economics and organisational behaviour. Today he lectures organisationalbehaviour and change at ESCP. Rahmyn was a media executive during the first wave of disruption through digital technology. Throughout his career he worked across various technology sectors with a strong focus and experience in customer and consumer centric business models. He has a strong track record in transformation change management, in turning large corporate organisations around and in building collaboration plattforms. Previously he was the CEO and President of a tech company acquired by multinational tech giant. Rahmyn is an active member in the venture capital and startup world and an active mentor and angel investor. He previously was the head of ACCENTURE Ventures for Europe, Latin America and Africa. He sits on the executive advisory board of several US and UK cooperations. Most recently he founded the foundation. He is a member of the World Economic Forum for the “Platform Economy”. He is a British/German national.


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