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Florian Naegele

Head Omnichannel Management, Helvetia Insurance

At Helvetia Insurance I am Head of Omnichannel & Touchpoint Management and I am leading Helvetia’s chatbot initiative. Together with my fast moving team we are working on our ambition to create great customer experiences with conversational AI technology. For two years now, I am driving Helvetia's successful chatbot initiative. During this time, Helvetia was one of the first European insurance companies that concluded contracts and launched successfully a chatbot to reinvent insurance claims service to their customers.


Helvetia is one of the largest insurance companies in Switzerland. We firmly believe that chatbots will be a key success factor in our industry in the coming years. In our project we have gained a lot of experience about the challenges of integrating and scaling Conversational AI Services in an established company, which we would like to share.

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