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Frederik Schröder

Managing Director, Knowhere GmbH

Frederik Schröder is the managing director of the AI company knowhere GmbH, which specializes in intelligent chatbots for the automation of customer communication (customers include ARD, Xing, Geberit and VELUX). He gives seminars, lectures and workshops on the subject of chatbots and artificial intelligence. His mission: to shape the future of digital customer communication.


knowhere is a full service chatbot solution provider based in Hamburg that automates customer communication through chat. In the past for years knowhere has implemented more than 100 self learning chatbots for customers like VELUX, Geberit, Dräger & Ritter Sport. Repetitive customer requests are instantly solved by knowhere’s self learning AI chatbot, so precious time of marketing, sales and service employees is saved and customer satisfaction is increased.

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