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Gaby K. Slezák

Director of Communities, SEED Token

As an Internet pioneer, Gaby developed innovative and award-winning concepts and solutions for clients like Pixelpark, Axel Springer, Telekom, Hubert Burda Media and La Republicca. In the mid nineties she implemented her first chatbot, a wise barkeeper with real-time weather reports. As a certified communication skills trainer with a psychological background and a master’s degree in Digital Learning Technologies she brings a unique understanding to the development and the ethics of conversational interfaces. At the SEED Token Project she helps chatbot developers and agencies to build and license AI components on a independent marketplace for Conversational AI. Women in AI and AI bias are important issues that she is advocating as a speaker and member of Women in AI, the Conference Advisory Board at and by teaching her 9 year old daughter how to build knowledgable chatbotsץ


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