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Goekhan Bakir, PhD.

Distinguished Engineer, Google

Dr. Goekhan Bakir is a distinguished engineer at Google Cloud, acting as overall Tech Lead for all Conversational Intelligence. Since joining Google in 2006, Dr. Bakir helped found different products including Google Lens, Google Duplex for the Web, and Now on Tap. Dr. Bakir is a Max Planck Alumni with expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.


Recent developments in large models and Generative AI bring promise for a third technological revolution, even bigger than the last two - web and mobile. However, these powerful models come with new and unique challenges and risks when it comes to using them in Enterprise ready production services at scale.

Google Vertex AI offers everything you need to quickly innovate, build and use generative AI—from AI solutions, to Search and Conversation, to 100+ foundation models, to a unified AI platform. In his talk, Yariv will provide an insider view on what's possible now and what's coming next.

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