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Laura Grimm

Supporter, Women in Voice

Born and raised in Berlin I studied Cognitive Linguistics at Technische Universität. This is where I was sensitized for the complex interaction of language, cognition, culture – and Technical Innovations such as Voice User Interface. This panoramic view allows me to focus on the idea of human centered design in voice as the key to Human Machine Interaction of the future. For almost two years I’ve now been working in Voice field at Die Lautmaler Agency. It was in our Berlin office where the idea of starting a German Chapter of Woman in Voice was born. The core mission of the international community of Women in Voice, founded by Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, is - to build community for women in Voice field - to amplify the work and talent of women - to provide professional development and resources to support women - to empower women and diverse people in the voice technology field.


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