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Max Ahrens

CEO & Co-Founder MAIHEM.AI; PhD in AI, Oxford

Max is the Co-Founder & CEO of MAIHEM. MAIHEM is a Y-Combinator backed company that creates AI agents to continuously and automatically test AI applications. Prior to founding MAIHEM, Max worked with the University of Oxford and the Alan Turing Institute on detecting harmful narrative in online media using large language models. He also worked with McKinsey & Company, advising globally operating companies on digitization strategies. Max has a PhD in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from the University of Oxford.


MAIHEM redefines quality assurance for AI. We create AI agents that continuously test a company's AI application, such as a chatbot. Our solution allows companies to stress-test their AI products before they go live and to automate A/B testing with hyperrealistic simulated users. This leads to substantially improved AI quality assurance processes - enhancing AI performance, reliability, and safety.

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