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Sam Anderson

Experience Designer, Adobe

I’m an experience designer and optimist, keen on empowering people to create. That’s why I work at Adobe. I’m obsessed with designing beyond the screen — exploring voice and audio as methods to morph flat, single-sensory experiences into vibrant, multi-sensory ones. My passions include staring at maps, alliterating words, and scrutinizing chairs. I see design everywhere, which is both a strength and a weakness… but mostly a strength. (I’m an optimist, remember?)


Being able to take ideas, bring them to life, and share them with others is a fundamental part of the creative process. But to do that, designers need to be able to work without needing to learn complex new tools or having to rely on developers to make their vision a reality. At Adobe, we feel a responsibility to the creative community to deliver that access, to empower creators to do their best work.

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