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@Hey Mercedes: Voice powered ChatGPT live in 900.000 vehicles

Explore how Mercedes-Benz is seamlessly fusing the rich, validated data of MBUX Voice Assistant with the innate conversational prowess of ChatGPT to redefine in-car digital luxury. By harnessing Azure OpenAI Service, this integration guarantees not only cutting-edge innovation but also enterprise-grade security. Early-adopter customers gain exclusive access to groundbreaking technology, while our development team hones voice control through valuable insights from the ChatGPT beta. This pivotal collaboration not only enriches the driving experience but also sets the course for enhanced voice control across global languages and markets. US customers can join the beta via Mercedes me connect app or in-car voice command.

Oct 12

13:30 - 14:00

Main Stage

Alexander Schmitt

Alexander Schmitt

Head of Speech Technology #HeyMercedes, Mercedes-Benz

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Alexander Schmitt has over 15 years experience in the field of Voice Assistants, Voice AI-related research and -Product Development. Alex began his Voice AI career at University of Ulm where he joined Germany’s first spoken dialog system research lab in 2007 pursuing his PhD on AI-driven approaches for Speech Dialog Systems in cooperation with New York-based SpeechCycle Inc. In 2012 he joined Mercedes-Benz where he was working in research, advanced engineering, and product development on next generation in-car voice assistants and emotion AI. Throughout his career Alex has authored and co-authored more than 60 international publications on conferences and journals in voice assistant-related fields and is today driving next-gen #HeyMercedes Voice Assistant with an outstanding team of software developers, data scientists and product owners.


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