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(Cont'd) Evaluation, Testing Methodology, and Best Practices For Speech-Based Interaction

Testing and evaluation processes are crucial to the success of any NLP conversational system,but testing speech based & multimodal systems presents unique challenges. Focusing on multimodal applications that involve speech and other modalities, we describe the multiple layers of testing and QA: engine quality, functional application, VUI, interfaces and infrastructure. Learn how to set testing goals, targets, and success factors; specify and measure metrics; test and measure “soft” and “immeasurable” targets; test documentation in all stages; manage a testing project; and identify who should be on the testing team

Dec 13


90 mins


Dr. Nava Shaked

Dr. Nava Shaked

Head of Multidisciplinary Studies, HIT Holon Institute of Technology

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Dr. Shaked is a world famous expert in AI applications, NLP (Natural Language Processing), as well as Customer Experience optimization technologies. She is the Head of the Multidisciplinary Department in HIT Holon Institute of Technology and an Adjunct professor at the PhD program at CUNY GC, Computational Linguistics Department. Shaked is an expert in Natural Language processing, artificial Intelligence and in Human-Machine interaction, with 20 years experience both in speech technology research as well as leading major projects in Israel, Europe and the US. Shaked was acting as an advisor for major enterprises specialized in Voice Technologies, leading customer strategy, designing system architecture, providing some Professional Service and heading projects from the client's end. Shaked is a member of AVIOS board and has founded the local Israeli chapter which she chairs. Her book (co-authored by Ute Winter) "Design of Multimodal Mobile Interfaces" was published in 2016.


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