60 mins

Staples’ “Easy Button” Case Study: How To Simplify Shopping Experience By Creating AI Assistant Using IBM Watson

By tapping into IBM’s Watson Conversation service, Staples offers a seamless ordering interface for customers – whether it’s via Staples’ proprietary next-generation Easy Button, through the app, text, email, over Facebook Messenger or with a Slackbot. Come and learn how Staples did it and develop your own bot based on IBM Watson.  During the workshop you will learn how to use IBM Watson APIs including speech to text, text to speech and Watson Assistant. We will give special attention to the complexity of the dialog and how the context variables may affect the interaction with the bot.   The session is practical, so please don’t forget to bring your laptop and make sure you have an IBM Cloud account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free at: One more thing – you will get a 6-month promocode worth $1200 USD in IBM Cloud services, so you can easily build and deploy apps to production environment in the cloud.

June 25

Business Workshops

Uri Hayik

CTO, IBM Israel

Uri Hayik is the CTO of IBM Israel. He spent 26 years in the Israeli Air Force, culminating as Chief Information Officer of the Air Force and Commander of OFEK - IAF ICT unit. Following his military service Uri was ICT Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Israel. He is a member of the IBM Israel management board and he leads technical solutions and architecture for IBM Israel programs. He builds and empowers new joint opportunities between the business side and R&D side, and leads the IBM startup and developer ecosystem development in Israel, the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator, and the Blockchain initiative for IBM Israel.

Tal Neaman

Developer Advocate, IBM

Tal Neaman is a Developer Advocate in IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator. He is responsible to make it easy for developers to use IBM Cloud Platform. Tal conducts workshops and lectures about cloud computing, blockchain, AI, mobile development, kubernetes, docker, servereless, IoT and various technologies that can be used in IBM Cloud for start-ups and developers communities. As a part of being a Developer Advocate, Tal is also responsible for developing cloud based applications using micro-services such as Watson services for chatbots, speech analysis and other NLP-Based and AI application to help other developers start their cloud application faster.


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