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40% Reduction in Average Handling Time With Chatbots! Chatbots and Webchats: The Dream Team Behind the AA's Success

This case study of "AA Ireland - The introduction of webchat & chatbot technologies" covers the establishment of a sales webchat team and the introduction of intelligent integrated chatbot sales agents. The combination of chatbots and webchat proved to be a superb success. The webchat team significantly increased the overall online company conversion rate. The subsequent chatbot project resulted in a further 11% increase in online conversion and a 40% reduction in the time it takes the webchat team to deal with a customer.

Dec 11


10 mins


Louise McCormack

Louise McCormack

Automation Manager, AA Ireland

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Louise McCormack is the Automation Manager for the AA Ireland. She joined the company in late 2017 and manages a team that are responsible for Bots, CRM and automation projects. Some of her achievements included setting up a webchat team, and the introduction of AI and Bots to the company. In 2018, she successfully designed and introduced Servisbot chatbots and as a result this increased quote to sale conversion by 11%. Louise has over ten years’ experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. She also completed a Masters in Marketing Consumption and Society at the University of Limerick.


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