60 mins

Analysis and Design Methodologies for Conversational AI

The goal of this workshop is to learn user-centered design methods for conversation design for AI and a practical process for applying these methods to building or improving your own chatbot. You will learn user, task and system centric design methods for analyzing and gathering task requirements, designing conversational flows, design user experience and helpful dialog (including personality, emotion, social, and ethical implications of affective computing). We will also delve into the differences between design for voice assistants versus text chatbots.

June 25

NLP Stage

Thi Avrahami

AI Experience Engineer, Rulai

Thi Avrahami is a Senior AI Experience Engineer at Rulai, a Silicon Valley startup providing enterprise-level chatbot solutions using cutting-edge AI. She holds a Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. With over 20 years of industry experience, Thi has worked for Fortune 100 companies defining design processes and designing interfaces for AI-powered smart products. Her experience also includes research development in the areas of intelligent agents and language modeling at CMU’s Robotics Institute and Language Technologies Institute, the EPA, and the College of Education at University of Washington

Professor Yi Zhang

University of California I CTO, Rulai

Yi Zhang, Professor, University of California Santa Cruz; Co-founder & CTO, Rulai. Dr. Zhang is a full Professor at University of California, Santa Cruz. She has more than 20 years of experience in AI. She has been a technical adviser for several startups and consultants for companies (HP, Toyota, Alibaba etc.) in industries including AI, security, healthcare, financial, e-commerce and automotive. She has received U.S. National Science Foundation Faculty Career Award, Best Paper Awards from ACM SIGIR, and research awards/grants from companies, including Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo, NEC, Nokia and IBM. She has served as program chair, area chair and PC member for top international conferences. Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. from School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.


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