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15 mins

From Chatbot to Conversational Excellence- Spot on the Deutsche Bahn Journey

To be provided soon

Dec 11


Product Stage

Karoline Malzbender

Karoline Malzbender

Manager Digital Operations, Deutsche Bahn AG

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Karoline Malzbender is leading the company wide chatbot project and team of Deutsche Bahn. Within this role she is driving the digital transformation through an end-to-end product management – always having the customer in mind. After 10 years of digitalization experience at Axel Springer she now is heading for a new way of interacting with the customers in the mobility sector – through channels that will provide more information in urgent manners and help the customer to be directed through a jungle of information of Deutsche Bahn. Finding proper artificial and conversational intelligence solutions beyond all marketing is her prior aim while developing a chatbot on a company owned platform.


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