15 mins

GoDaddyish: The Psychology of Phrasing in Bot Responses

In the business world, the words we use matter. Human to human communication is fraught with unintended biases, implications, and misunderstandings. In an active conversation we can clarify and amend the things we say in reaction to body language, audible reactions and tone of voice. Bots have no such luxury. They are often responding to users with one response to cover a wide range of scenarios. Furthermore, they typically have precious little screen real estate with which to engage users. In this talk I will leverage two years of user research, data, and team learnings to establish best practices around character creation, content writing, and authoring responses. I will discuss the psychology behind user engagements and how to choose your words, and multimedia, based on user intent to avoid bad ratings and higher rates of misunderstood utterances. Ready to level up your bot content? I'm gonna show you how.

Dec 11

Design Workshops


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