10 mins

Harnessing Voice.AI for a Delightful Conversational Experience – from ‘Nice’ to ‘Must’ Have

As textual chatbots become more and more mature, the demand for an easy, intuitive conversational experience is steadily and rightfully increasing. With voice as the foundation of human communication, the challenge of delivering a delightful, speech-driven conversational experience is now a key mission for bot developers across multiple organizational use-cases, moving from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’.
In this keynote, AudioCodes Voice.AI Product Marketing Manager, Gidi Adlersberg, will provide an important, special glance at the current state of conversational voicebots and their fit for enterprise market needs. Covering both industry trends with concrete industry case-studies, Gidi will showcase the various, promising opportunities out there for bot developers, wishing to meet their market with state-of-the-art conversational experience, driven by Voice.AI technology.

Dec 11

Design Workshops

Gidi Adlersberg is the Product Marketing and Business Development Manager of the Voice.AI business unit at AudioCodes. In his role, Gidi works on designing and shaping the AudioCodes voice recognition enterprise solutions, featuring enterprise-class voice bots for improving workspace productivity and customer experience, as well as promoting business opportunities and connections within the Voice.AI space. Working day-to-day in the voice recognition industry, Gidi advises global organizations and telcos on voice recognition and voice bots technologies, and its best practices for implementation and user experience.

Voice.AI Product Marketing, AudioCodes

Gidi Adlersberg


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