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15 mins

How Do You Say <CR> : 5 Challenges Adding Voice to Your Bot

Messaging chatbots are gaining momentum and VoiceBOT are their natural evolution/expansion. But adding voice engagement channels to chatbots presents unique challenges that require careful planning. In this session we will review the following 5 key challenges and describe ways to mitigate them: Connecting telephony networks to chatbots and cognitive voice services; Selecting the optimal speech services – best of breed approach; Sensitivity to Voice quality and noisy environment; From text to voice conversation – adaptations needed; The voice “Carriage Return” problem.

Dec 12


Tech Stage

Ilan Avner

Ilan Avner

Product Architect Voice.AI gateway, AudioCodes

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Ilan Avner is a seasoned technology architect responsible for the architecture and product management of AudioCodes Voice AI Gateway a new service that helps chatbot developers add telephony & voice to their existing deployments broadening their reach, usability and personalization.


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