ChatBot’s first scenario for LiveChat’s support team was created to help with frequently asked questions about the LiveChat app. Creating the scenario was not that hard, but we noticed it’s not that easy to create a seamless transition between an agent and a bot. Join the talk to learn how we dealt with this obstacle at LiveChat and get some tips on creating and managing the flow for your own live team + bot implementation.


Dec 12

Open Plaza

Onboarding a bot in your support team - from 0 to half a million conversations

5 mins

Open Plaza Talk

Head of support @ LiveChat. I've been working in the field of support for 4 years now. I helped creating the first bot scenario for LiveChat, using our very own ChatBot application. Combining support and scenario building skills, I take care of professional services, building support and sales bots for our clients.

Grzegorz Woźniczko

Head of Support, LiveChat Inc.


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