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Reimagining Customer Service: Achieving a 70% Cost-to-Serve optimization unlocking Gen AI

AI reimagination of customer service can lead to 70% less volume of human contacts, 20% more efficiency in each of those, leading to a 70% cost-to-serve reduction.

In this Keynote, Juan Martin will talk about how achieving full potential implies leveraging the power of several technology waves. GenAI is now the latest new technology to embrace.

Oct 12

15:00 - 15:30

Clubs Stage

Juan Martin Maglione

Juan Martin Maglione

Global NLP & Gen AI Expert, BCG

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Juan Martin Maglione is a ECT Project Lead in the Madrid office of The Boston Consulting Group. Prior to joining the firm, Juan Martin was a Product Transformation Manager at Santander Group. His four-year tenure at Santander included building the Global Cognitive Conversational Solutions Programme, becoming the first cloud artificial intelligence project in the group. Previously, Juan Martin created a startup in Amsterdam, focused in implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions.


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