60 mins

The Challenges of Raising a Family of Banking Chatbots

UBS started its chatbot journey about 3 years ago with the inception of an AI innovation program. Since the first attempts, we have collected considerable learnings across multiple chatbot projects across all business lines. Along the way we have created success stories and encountered challenges, typically concentrating around e.g. architectures, integration, governance and the use of voice and avatars. On the basis of two showcases – a client meeting report assistant and the UBS Companion, we want to share our key challenges with the workshop audience and discuss different approaches to solving them. We will end with an outlook on banking chatbots and a Q&A session.

June 25

Workshop Room C

Gregg Cooke

Emerging Technology Researcher, UBS

Gregg has been in R&D his entire 30-year career, covering technical domains as diverse as healthcare, aerospace, media, and finance. He assess new products, design and implements proofs-of-concept, and advises IT decision-makers. Gregg is also a product designer, with a focus on application architecture. His latest research topic is the conversational UI, and in particular, the architecture necessary to deploy a conversational UI. His role at UBS is to look over the horizon for emerging technologies most likely to transform the bank tomorrow. He believe we are witnessing the third wave of NLP and he believes this wave has the potential to permanently transform the way businesses use all kinds of human communication. Chatbots are the leading edge of this wave of transformation.

Annika Schroeder

Executive Director of Artificial Intelligence, UBS

Annika Schröder works at UBS since July 2015 and heads the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. Within this role she centrally offers AI expert knowledge, innovation support, coordination and oversight to benefit UBS on group level. Since 2016, she has been responsible for innovation activities in Artificial Intelligence and represents UBS regularly at industry events on this key technology, but also on topics like Fintech and digitalization. Prior to working with UBS, she was Head of Strategy & Innovation at DB Investment Services GmbH in Germany, which bundles securities processing within Deutsche Bank, as well as its prior entities Xchanging Transaction Bank and Fondsdepot Bank. Before moving into Banking Innovation, Annika Schröder worked in Investment Banking functions with Lazard and other banks in Frankfurt and London, advising Financial Institutions across the German-speaking region, Scandinavia, France and Eastern Europe in M&A, restructuring and IPO situations. Annika Schröder has a Bachelor (hons) in International Business Administration from International School of Management in Germany, which included residences in France, Lithuania and the United States. *Confirmation pending from UBS Group


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