60 mins

The Journey of Vodafone TOBi

Join the Vodafone TOBi team as they deep dive into how they used a chatbot to transform customer experiences by streamlining its engagement with customers and personalizing the sales journey and the challenges they faced while doing so.

June 25

Workshop Room C

Thomas Neumann

Principal Manager Digital, Vodafone

Thomas is passionate about new technologies and how they can be used to improve our customers life. His focus is on digital channels with the ambition to create a wow effect for his customers. He is responsible to deliver the global chatbot solution to our local markets as well as delivering voice assistants. Thomas is super interested in new innovations in this space while having in mind how this really can drive NPS and customer satisfaction. He believes they are in the process of making a massive change from app world into the conversational world. He wants to ensure to drive this change rather than following and avoid the mistakes in 2007 when the apps started and nobody believed they will succeed. Thomas is equipped with a comprehensive background in the mobile industry - working in the technology branch for more than 15 years. He benefits from his international experience in several different countries and cultures as well as working in different roles and responsibilities. Being able to interact with business partners and executives builds the foundation to be able to move in any circles. 

Gemma Alvarez

Global Product Owner, Vodafone Group

Gemma Alvarez is the Global Commercial Product Owner for TOBi, Vodafones customer service chatbot, who is a trusted, helpful and easy concierge, here to support Vodafones customers.  She helps carve out the future strategy of TOBi improving customer experience and pushing the boundaries of chatbots.  Helping Vodafone Markets launch,  accelerate the volume, improve the quality and innovate through TOBi. Previous to this, Gemma headed up Mobile Cloud Enterprise (Apps, Chatbots and Customer Experience Analytics), IoT and API Platform for Oracle UK in Business Development for almost 3 years. She was pivotal in launching the Intelligent Bot Cloud Service for Oracle helping many customers align chatbots to their core business, automating repetitive tasks. She has almost 7 years' experience at Microsoft where she started off in the Sales Graduate Program, and then moved to a technical evangelist role where she worked on mobile apps, helping build up the app store and presenting to developers, business and UX around designing apps on the windows store.


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