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10 mins

Voice of the Bots: How a premium brand as Mercedes-Benz is
using Voice- and Chatbots to drive its digital transformation

To be provided

Dec 12


Main Stage

Nikola Aschoff

Nikola Aschoff

Head of Extended Digital Services, Mercedes-Benz

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Nikola Aschoff is leading the global Product Management for Extended Digital Services in the Marketing & Sales organization of Mercedes-Benz. In this role she is driving the digital transformation of Mercedes with the goal of a seamless customer journey covering online and offline touchpoints. Nikola has 18 years experience on the edge of Business and IT and has been most times driving introduction of new digital products or the digital transformation in general. Before she joined Mercedes-Benz in 2017, she worked many years for HP and Microsoft. Focus area of her work is digitial strategy and artificial intelligence, especially conversational intelligence


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