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Behind the Scenes of Vodafone TOBi Conversational AI Platform

We have entered the world of digital first, a place where customers want to chat anywhere, anytime. Multinational organisations like Vodafone are having to start that digital transformation, from traditional telcos to tech businesses. The explosion of chatbots is a new way to automate and improve repetitive customer services tasks allowing the customer to self serve 24/7.

Dec 11


10 mins


Leonid Mishkind

Leonid Mishkind

SVP Content Developer

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Leonid is the technical product owner for Chatbots and Voice Assistants working for Vodafone Group. During his time working with Vodafone, he was responsible for launching Vodafone services with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. His team was responsible for the launch of the first Google Assistant integration for a telecommunication company in the world – a great achievement and collaboration with Google. Leonid is a great enthusiast and believer in the AI technologies and thinks AI is revolutionizing our world and already now starts to have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives.


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