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Chatbots Suck: Why the Chat User Interface Revolution Isn't Happening (Yet)

Everybody who has ever used a chatbot will have a hard time disproving this title. But why is it that chatbots are so bad most of the time? Is the technology really not ready? But why is it then that some chatbots do work? In this talk, Pieter will dive deeper into the why and how. He will show you the biggest mistakes they made at Chatlayer, some of the failures they encountered and the lessons they learned on how to build a good chatbot.

June 26

10 mins


Pieter Buteneers

Pieter Buteneers

Chief Technology Officer, Chatlayer

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Pieter Buteneers is an industrial and ICT-electronics engineer. He started his career in academia, first as a PhD student and later as a postdoc, where he did research on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces and Epilepsy. He won the first prize in the biggest Deep Learning competition of 2015 together with a team machine learners from Ghent University: the National Data Science Bowl hosted on In the same year he gave a TEDx talk on Brain Computer Interfaces. In 2016, he finished his MBA at Flanders Business School. Currently he works as the CTO of, a platform that lets make chatbots that work for you.


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