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Enterprise Bots at Scale: How ABN AMRO Built Their Conversational A.I. Platform

Developing your Virtual Assistants in large corporates often leads to challenges when the demand for your Virtual Assistant capabilities is growing. Examples of such challenges are managing the stakeholder expectations, embedding your Virtual Solution into the digital offering of your company (which includes making sure that your Virtual Assistant is part of the strategic decisions to be made by the board), ever changing team composition in competences and people, integrating your solution in the IT landscape and more. During this workshop we are hoping to achieve an open discussion in which participants can share experiences on these different challenges and how to manage them. Next to discussion elements, the workshop contains assignments to enable the thinking process and we think the workshop succeeds if each participant leaves the workshop with a few new insights on how they can scale their solution in their organization.

Dec 10


90 mins


Bob van Groningen

Bob van Groningen

IT Engineering Lead Customer Interaction, ABN AMRO

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Bob is an impact driven leader with a background in both marketing, product management,
consultancy and IT strategy. He is now responsible for IT development in the area of Customer
Interaction within ABN AMRO. With great passion he has been focussed on the technical
development of ABN AMRO’s conversational platform. Scaling the platform and truly helping
customers and employees is the goal. Besides this Bob is also responsible for digital Client. Onboarding and the IT solutions for ABN AMRO’s webcare team.

Jeroen Das

Jeroen Das

Product Owner Conversational AI, ABN AMRO

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Jeroen works as a Product Owner with Team Chatbot at ABN AMRO since its start in 2017. Starting with four colleagues working on an MVP. Today Team Chatbot contains over 40 colleagues working on the Conversational AI platform which hosts multiple chatbots of which Chatbot Anna is the leading personality of the platform. Jeroen has experience in upgrading an MVP to a product that plays a key role in the digital strategy of the bank.


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