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Leveraging Multiple Large Language Models to Build an Enterprise Conversational AI Center of Excellence

Does your company want to use Conversational AI to create self-service experiences for your customers or internal employees? Or, does your company already use Conversational AI, but struggles to take advantage of its full potential? In this session Chris Morgan Brown, a Principal Consultant at Amazon Web Services will talk through how to build a Conversational AI Center of Excellence at your company, including: Program Governance, the key roles you will need on your team, the methodologies to be followed, and the work cadences needed to realize your company’s Conversational AI vision.

Oct 11

15:30 - 17:30

Classroom B

Chris Morgan Brown

Chris Morgan Brown

Natural Language AI , Amazon AWS

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Chris Morgan Brown is a Principal Consultant for Natural Language AI in AWS Professional Services. Active in the field since 2015, Chris co-founded Snaps, a pioneering Conversational AI platform later acquired by Quiq. Chris led chatbot developments at Columbia Sportswear before becoming Lead Product Manager for Wells Fargo's retail chatbot. Since May 2021, Chris has been working at AWS, collaborating with large enterprise customers to design, launch, and optimize Conversational AI experiences across voice and chat platforms.


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