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Live Show With Kwalys’ Voicebots: What Is The Future of Virtual Assistants and What Is The Impact On Our Lives And To Our Society?

Katya Lainé, CEO & Founder of Kwalys, will take you through a live show with KWALYS Voice Assistants and explain a multichannel approach to virtual assistants. She will explain the differences between personal vs. corporate assistants as well as the reason why we will agree to entrust our personal data to the virtual assistants and solve the question of privacy. Join Katya as she shows that Voice Assistants will conquer and rule the world.

June 26

5 mins


Katya Lainé

Katya Lainé

Co-founder & CEO, Kwalys

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Katya Lainé is the Co-founder & CEO of Kwalys and IVY AI: A Multichannel Virtual Assistant Editor & Conversational AI Expert, which aims to democratise the design of #Call # Voice # Chat Virtual Assistants (bots) without a single line of code and offers an efficient Conversational AI. Katya Lainé is Member Board at Syntec Numérique and Co-President of its Innovation & Technologies Committee focused on AI. Syntec Numérique is the first French Digital professional organization that represents 80% of the French Digital Market. She is the Co-founder& President of Alliance for Open Chatbot, Association created by French companies leaders in Chatbots’ field. She is also the Co-founder of Le Voice Lab, Consortium that federates private and public French actors to offer an alternative approach with complete business proposal in the voice field.


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