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LiveChat & ChatBot case study - 2 years of using ChatBot on our license

A case study of collaboration that started from addressing the need of automation and evolved into a full-grown product, integrating with LiveChat - one of the best applications to chat with customers. Join the talk to learn how ChatBot boosted LiveChat’s support speed and sales efficiency over the last two years and half a million chats after, and what we’ve learned from it.

Dec 11


5 mins


Grzegorz Woźniczko

Grzegorz Woźniczko

Head of Support, LiveChat Inc.

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Head of support @ LiveChat. I've been working in the field of support for 4 years now. I helped creating the first bot scenario for LiveChat, using our very own ChatBot application. Combining support and scenario building skills, I take care of professional services, building support and sales bots for our clients.


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