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Mastering Prompt Engineering to Mitigate Hallucinations in ChatGPT

The growing role of ChatGPT in various applications heightens the need for responsible and effective usage. A key challenge is mitigating
"hallucinations" or instances where the model generates false or nonsensical information. This masterclass offers a hands-on approach to prompt
engineering aimed at reducing hallucinations. Participants will work in real-time with ChatGPT to craft, test, and refine prompts across factual
domains. Through evaluations and discussions, attendees will gain insights into the attributes that make a prompt likely to elicit accurate responses.
Join us to learn practical skills for harnessing the power of ChatGPT while minimizing its limitations.

Oct 11

15:30 - 17:30

Classroom C

Julie Wall, PhD.

Julie Wall, PhD.

Professor of AI & Advanced Computing, University of West London

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Julie Wall is a Professor of AI and Advanced Computing at the University of West London. She is a member of the British Standards Institution (BSI) and serves as an expert in the field of AI. Her research focuses on designing intelligent systems to process and model temporal data, with a particular emphasis on speech and language applications


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