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NLP Training Data: Why It Is So Difficult To Make Intelligent Chatbots

In this talk, Benoit Alvarez will take you through ways to train and test multiple NLP technologies. With this step-by-step approach, you’ll start to understand how to fix common issues, and what types of solutions a specific provider responds well to.

June 26

20 mins


Benoit Alvarez

Benoit Alvarez

Chief Technology Officer, Volume AI

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Benoit started his career working for the International Radio Astronomy Centre in France, building software with scientists who were studying Saturn. He then joined Thales Armament, working on on-board software for missile guidance systems. After 15 years of conceptualizing and building enterprise solutions, Benoit retrained in AI (studying under Professor Andrew Ng) and successfully achieved AI certifications from Stanford University and Coursera. As Volume moved toward AI-powered conversational platforms, Benoit conceptualized two key products: Volume’s advanced AI-powered conversational platform and QBox. The latter was the first of its kind and is a patent-pending technologies tool, recognized by Gartner as a chatbot corpus-management and training tool.


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