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The Experience Economy: Driving Value Through Disruptive Technology

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Dec 11


15 mins


Rohan Patel

Rohan Patel

Global Head of Support, SAP

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Rohan Patel is the Global Head of Support for Intelligent Technologies at SAP. In this role, Rohan is responsible for delivering great experiences to consumers of SAP software. Today’s consumer environment, defined by the broad spectrum of technology and diverse characteristics of the user community, is unprecedently complex. The necessity to provide real time support through disruptive technology and tools is critical to meeting those demands. The effective utilisation of AI and Chatbots is fundamental in streamlining the interactions between consumers and service delivery organisations to enhance both the customer and consumer experience. Rohan’s 19-year career in the global IT industry, defined by a strong customer focus and change leadership, has made him passionate about providing his organisations with the best possible tools, technology and culture to meet the ever-shifting customer landscape.


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