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The Google Conversation Design Workshop

Great Actions are conversations.
Conversational, natural language interfaces are emerging as a powerful new way for people to interact with digital services. In order to design a natural user interface, we need to apply a human-centered design approach. Research by Stanford professor Clifford Nass shows that people converse with computers in much the same way as they do with humans. They are most successful when the interface is natural and conversational. There’s a process for creating conversations. The Conversation Design Workshop teaches that process.

Dec 10


90 mins


Wally Brill

Wally Brill

Head of Conversation Design, Google

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Wally helps train Google’s partners to develop and maintain best practices of conversation design. Previously as Google’s Senior Persona Designer he helped bring the character of The Google Assistant to life. Prior to coming to Google, he designed persona driven, speech recognition systems for enterprises and governments from Allstate Insurance and British Airways to eBay and TMobile.. Wally studied electronic music composition at The New School for Social Research.


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