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ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is a Dutch bank with headquarters in Amsterdam. ABN AMRO Bank is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. It was re-established in its current form in 2009, following the acquisition and break-up of the original ABN AMRO by a banking consortium consisting of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Santander Group and Fortis. ABN AMRO possesses a clear and bold purpose: banking for better for generations to come. The bank’s impact on society and the economy is tremendous, and for our contribution to be both positive and enduring we need to make the right choices. Everything that we do derives from our purpose: now and in the future.

Speakers By


Luuk Spronck

Business Analyst, ABN AMRO

After studying artificial intelligence, Luuk joined ABN AMROs chatbot team to discover how AI can be applied to solve real world problems in the corporate world. First as a cognitive engineer, now as a business analyst, he has helped build the chatbot from a simple FAQ chatbot with knowledge about one topic, to a chatbot that is live on one of the busiest page on ABN AMROs website. What drives him is discovering new technologies, how they work, and how they can be used to help customers.

Loes Horselenberg

UX Designer, ABN AMRO

Loes is an User Experience Designer at ABN AMRO, focused on conversational design. Currently, she is working on Anna the customer service chatbot, as well as the voice interaction for telephony. She loves creating new ways to make the lives of people easier and more fun. Conversational challenges are her true passion because now we have to teach computers to understand humans, instead of teaching humans to interact with computers. She is also an ambassador of Women in Voice NL.

Bob van Groningen

IT Engineering Lead Customer Interaction, ABN AMRO

Bob is an impact driven leader with a background in both marketing, product management,
consultancy and IT strategy. He is now responsible for IT development in the area of Customer
Interaction within ABN AMRO. With great passion he has been focussed on the technical
development of ABN AMRO’s conversational platform. Scaling the platform and truly helping
customers and employees is the goal. Besides this Bob is also responsible for digital Client. Onboarding and the IT solutions for ABN AMRO’s webcare team.

Jeroen Das

Product Owner Conversational AI, ABN AMRO

Jeroen works as a Product Owner with Team Chatbot at ABN AMRO since its start in 2017. Starting with four colleagues working on an MVP. Today Team Chatbot contains over 40 colleagues working on the Conversational AI platform which hosts multiple chatbots of which Chatbot Anna is the leading personality of the platform. Jeroen has experience in upgrading an MVP to a product that plays a key role in the digital strategy of the bank.

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