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Bold Insight is a member of the ReSight Global family, with over 220 researchers globally. We prioritise work on the usability and user experience of digital technologies, with the UK office home to two leading researchers on conversational technologies.

Speakers By

Bold Insight

Leigh Clark, PhD

Senior UX Researcher, Bold Insight

Leigh has 10 year's experience in conducting user research with emerging technologies. He has conducted work on making conversational interfaces more trustworthy and ethical, improving voice interfaces for people who stammer, and developing appropriate design guidelines for these technologies.

Martin Porcheron, PhD

Senior UX Researcher, Bold Insight

Martin Porcheron's PhD and academic work previously focused on the design and use of conversational technology in settings where there are multiple users. Martin uses conversation analysis in his design. Additionally, Martin is a founding member of the ACM Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) conference Steering Committee.

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