CoCo is streamlining conversational A.I. design by sharing our discoveries and by encouraging others to do the same. Modular Conversational Components, or CoCos, make building chatbots easier. All components maintain context over multiple dialogue exchanges for better conversational flow, a feature that’s missing from most industry-standard NLP systems. CoCos are reusable and fully customizable, so developers no longer need to build every single conversation from scratch.

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CoCo By Ai Conversation System

Victor came to the chatbot industry chasing his passion, after few years at the cyber security field. He specializes in solving complex problems and also tech challenges enthusiast. Victor joined CoCo with a strong believe in the change CoCo brings to my the industry.

Backend Engineer, CoCo

Victor Vasiliev

Shelly is a front-end developer working for CoCo, where she helps develop Conversational Components for your team to create better chatbots. With a background in electrical engineering, Shelly came to chatbot development almost accidentally, only to realize that this was her true passion.

Chatbot developer, CoCo

Shelly Eldman

I am a webby-award winning conversational designer who has worked on campaigns for the world's leading brands and studios.

Conversational Designer, AI Conversation Systems

Jason Gilbert

Jack (Yaki) Dunietz, innovator and founder of CoCo, has been revolutionizing the field of conversational AI for more than two decades. As chatbots and AI become the forefront of the tech sector, Yaki believes that better bots will be built by collaboration and inter-organizational cooperation. He therefore founded AI Conversation Systems to develop and support the advancement of Conversational AI. Its LA based subsidiary, IMperson Inc., developed multiple award-winning bots for recognizable brands like Disney, Hyundai, and CBS. Dunietz, who holds degrees in both computer science and in Philosophy of Language, has been a pioneer of Israeli hi-tech since the late 1970s. He founded Mashov Computers, which in turn spawned many publicly traded tech companies, both in Tel Aviv and NASDAQ.

CEO, AI Conversation Systems

Yaki Dunietz