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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Speakers By


Itai Bercovier

Conversation Design Advocacy & Education, Google

Itai develops and delivers training for Google’s partners on the design principles and best practises of conversation design UI. In a prior life as an Academic Coordinator, Itai developed and taught a successful Web Development degree programme, and contributed to the validation of other undergrad degree programmes across the UK and Europe. He managed a busy academic department, coordinated outreach, and oversaw students’ personal and professional development. Itai graduated with a Master of Science in HCID from City University, London.

Jared Strawderman

Multimodal Design Manager, Google

Jared Strawderman has led the design for a wide range of conversational solutions for over 20 years. His design experience includes enterprise customer care solutions, automotive products, mobile virtual assistants, and conversational agents for both screenless and screenful consumer electronic devices. He is currently a Senior Product Design Lead for Google Assistant, and also led the voice design team who launched Amazon Alexa. His breadth of experience provides a unique perspective on how voice-enabled bots come to life on any conceivable device.

Wally Brill

Head of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education, Google

Wally helps train Google’s partners to develop and maintain best practices of conversation design. Previously as Google’s Senior Persona Designer he helped bring the character of The Google Assistant to life. Prior to coming to Google, he designed persona driven, speech recognition systems for enterprises and governments from Allstate Insurance and British Airways to eBay and TMobile.. Wally studied electronic music composition at The New School for Social Research.

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