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Thomas Grimm

VP of Sales - Europe, Interactions

After 16 years in various positions in Business Process Outsourcing, Thomas is now heading the Interactions team in Europe. His mission is to drive Digital Transformation in the call center industry with Intelligent Virtual Assistants on a global scale. Bringing together the expertise in call center services with Conversational AI, he puts a strong focus on customer experience with human-like conversations.

Ingo Brod

Sales Director, Interactions

Ingo Brod is responsible for the business of Interactions in Northern Europe.
His mission is to drive Digital Transformation with Intelligent Virtual Assistants; he is an expert for AI-based Voice and Digital Assistants.
With more than 20 years of experience helping the business to better engage with their customers, he uses his expertise around automation in customer service to enable enterprises to create a transformational customer experience and increase efficiency.
Being a customer advocate and Omni-Channel evangelist, he puts a heavy focus on optimizing user experience with human-like conversations via automated voice or digital channels.

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