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The University of East London (UEL) is a public research university located in East London, UK. It is known for its diverse student body and commitment to providing access to higher education for students from all backgrounds. UEL offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties, including arts and digital industries, health and bioscience, and social sciences. The university has a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning and boasts modern facilities and cutting-edge research centers.

Speakers By

University of East London

Julie Wall, PhD.

Director of Impact and Innovation, UEL

Dr. Julie Wall is a computer science researcher specializing in intelligent systems for temporal data processing, predominantly in speech and language applications. Dr. Wall applies her knowledge of neural networks to diverse data structures, yielding remarkable results. Dr. Wall develops production-grade deep learning and natural language understanding systems for virtual and augmented reality platforms. Her numerous research papers and patents have made significant contributions to intelligent system design and innovation.

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