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WIT Software S.A. is a well-established software house that specializes in products and solutions for Mobile Operators, with extensive expertise in solutions relating to carrier messaging, RCS, A2P platforms, A.I. and Chatbots, IMS Applications, m-Commerce and IPTV.

Located in Portugal and the UK, the company has over 350 full-time employees and a blue-chip industry client base.

Speakers By

WIT software

Luis Guilherme

Head of Software Development, WIT Software

I began my career at WIT Software in May 2004 as a Software Engineer. Since then I made my path on WIT Software until becoming Head of Software Development in 2016. My main skills are focused on product/project management and agile methodologies, with a strong business development focus, together with good knowledge of projects and operations management. For the past years, I’m being managing the WIT Conversation Platform product that allows creating, run and deploy omnichannel AI-powered conversational interfaces. As a consequence, I’ve been involved in several projects in the Chatbots business, focuses on the most advanced technologies (Messaging, NLP, Machine Learning).

Pedro Andrade

Head of New Product Development, WIT Software

Pedro Andrade is Head of New Product Development at WIT Software. He has been managing several projects for mobile operators in the Chatbots Business, being responsible to deliver new solutions to this market, in areas like customer service, enterprise productivity and conversational commerce.

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