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AI Forge - AI Incubator Our incubator, AI Forge, rapidly launches bold ideas and provides comprehensive support to startups, including world-class mentorship, funding, and resources. Our goal is to revolutionize the AI industry by empowering startups to develop game-changing solutions that tackle real-world challenges.We specialize in AI and machine learning, and are committed to providing our clients with powerful financial models to help them achieve success. With top universities nearby, a vibrant tech scene, and a collaborative community, London is the ideal location for our team to continue fostering innovation and growth in the AI industry.

Speakers By

AI Forge

Craig Massey

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Founder CEO, AI Forge

•Co-Founder AI Forge

•Started 4 x SaaS companies

•Achieved 4 x Exits of £42M+

•Expert at robust financial models

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