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Parloa is a Dialog Management System helping teams to create engaging conversations.

Chatbots and virtual assistants often deliver a sub-par experience, leading to frustrated customers - the opposite of the desired effect when it comes to automation.

Parloa solves a huge problem - the very slow process of bringing an idea for a conversation to a point that it can be tested. Designers can use a drag'n'drop UI to build a prototype in minutes, test it, and iterate before working with developers to release a fully fledged chat experience.

We have an agnostic principle of being able to work with any NLU and connect with any external service. By storing and managing conversations as agnostic code (JSON), and delivering it via API, Parloa can be the core of any Conversational Infrastructure our customers build.

Our focus is on enabling deep, complex, and personalised conversational experiences with a number of time-saving features for VUI designers (slots, dictionary/synonyms, conditional text snippets and more), and Enterprise features such as versioning, SaaS and On-Premise deployment, and multi-platform release management.

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