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Wednesday Oct 11 |  ICC ExCeL London


Welcome Experience
Fuel up with a coffee & snack for an exciting day of workshops! You can even meet for your first pre-scheduled 1:1 B2B meeting.


Workshops & MasterClasses
Grab your seat for one of our intimate, deep-dive interactive MasterClasses and Workshops. Each session is 90 mins long with 30 minutes Q&A with the speakers. Your only issue will be choosing which sessions to attend!
Pro Pass Holders may choose 
2 sessions and Pro Max can select 3.
Please note
 that the agenda is not final and changes may apply.

Patricia Theile

Chief Product Owner - Voice Assistants


Break the bots - Enhance customer experience with Knowledge Graphs & Generative AI

Alan Nichol, PhD

Co-founder & CTO


Hands-on with CALM: An LLM-native approach to reliable conversational AI

Franz Weisenburger

SVP Innovation

Deutsche Telekom AG

Optimizing Every Customer Interaction at one of the World’s Largest Brands

Yoav Barel

Founder & Managing Partner

Sunrize Research

State of the Bots: Mastering Generative AI for Better Conversations

Kevin Lee

Chief Digital Officer, Consumer

BT Digital

The Amazing Story of AIMEE - from Underdog to Superhero

Maria Zervou

Senior Specialist Solutions Architect


Life beyond ChatGPT: from RAG to custom models with enterprise data

Henry Jammes

Conversational AI Principal PM


Revolutionize bot development with Generative AI on Microsoft’s low code platform

Shawn Jansepar

Khanmigo Product Leader

Khan Academy

Scaling Language Models: Successes and Challenges in Production - A Khanmigo Case Study

Laura Simpson

Chief Intelligence Officer

McCann Worldgroup

On the Verge of Seismic Change? How AI Reshapes Human Interactions with Brands


Pro & VIP Networking Event
Unwind and relax with fellow workshop attendees over snacks and a refreshing cold beer or crisp glass of wine at our exclusive networking event only available for those with workshop passes.


Explore London with Your Team!
This is your chance to dine and enjoy vegas with your colleagues! Check out the amazing restaurants, bars, casinos and entertainment Vegas have to offer. But remember, we have a full day of an exciting conference tomorrow so get some sleep!

Want to experience our speakers live? 

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