Chatbot Summit is the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organisations who believe that Conversational A.I. will be the next curve in customer experiences.


To date, 5 successful international conferences were held in Berlin and in Tel Aviv. The conferences bring the world’s most influential brands, global technology leaders, and fast-growing startups together, who are partnering to build the best in class natural language experiences and take them to market.

Chatbot Summit was founded in 2016 by Yoav Barel, an Israeli tech entrepreneur, who's held senior product and strategy positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson. Yoav has been pioneering digital experience solutions from the early days of Mobile Java, to Apps, and now Bots. Yoav, like many others, is convinced that conversational user experiences powered by artificial intelligence (AKA Chatbots) are going to take the realm from Apps to dominate the digital experience market for the years to come.


International Conferences


Attendees from 70+ Countries


Focused on

Conversational Experiences


Exhibitors from Startup to Enterprises


Expert Speakers


  • Yoav Barel

    CEO & Founder

    As Founder & CEO of Chatbot Summit, Yoav is focused on building the world’s leading professional network accelerating Conversational Experiences. He helps the Chatbot Summit team in attracting top speakers, overseeing the agenda, deepening partner relationships between innovative brands, emerging startups, and global technology leaders as well managing the marketing strategy to ensure bring together the community.

  • Vika Barel

    Head of Operations

    As Head of Business Operations, Vika uses her expertise to bring together the many moving parts in overseeing production of the event and helps coordinate the speakers, partners, attendees and staff. Vika supports the Account Management team as well as manages company contracts, admin and finances.

  • Victoria Edelstein

    Marketing Manager

    As our Marketing Manager, Victoria help us in our pursuit to accelerate the growth of the Chatbot & Voice Technologies

  • Mikayla Bogart

    Account & Event Marketing Manager

    Mikayla has been with the Chatbot Summit team for the past two events as the Director of Speaker Relations and Communications. She is responsible for creating the program, managing the agenda and ensuring we bring the best speakers and content to our event! She also leads the Chatbot Summit Startup Competition and is the official Chatbot Summit Yoga Teacher!

  • Marjorie Finguerman

    Global Partnerships Manager

  • Erwan Quinat

    Partnerships Manager, France & EMEA

    As our partnership manager for France and EMEA Erwan is responsible for deepening existing partner relations as well as extending our partner network in the region.

  • Chen Gerbi

    Marketing Associate & Account Manager

  • Krembo

    Chief Happiness Officer

  • Natasha Diskin

    Consultant Strategic Partnership

    After years of Business Development and Channel Management expertise, Natasha joined Chatbot Summit team to extend the summit global partnerships and to deeper partner relationships with the largest innovation brands, innovative start-ups and major Conversational eXperience ecosystems players.

  • Niran Amir

    Conversational Track Editor in Chief

  • Dina S. Paulson-McEwen

    Head of Content Strategy

We are always looking for passionate people to join our team, either as remote part time freelancers or full time employees! If you're interested in joining please join us using this link



Founded in 2016, Sunrize Digital helps brands, technology leaders, and startups jump on the next curve of digital experiences.

Our signature service is Chatbot Summit, the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in customer experiences.

In addition to Chatbot Summit we conduct a series of local meetups, exclusive round-table events, consulting services, private workshops and educational programs.

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